Conversation Guides for Curious Minds

Conversation Guides for Curious Minds

As part of our ongoing collaboration with RootOne, Makom has created a series of six conversation guides for teens on current events in Israel, including cultural trends, religious issues, politics, and more.

The guides help teens develop important skills such as critical thinking, information literacy, and discussion while creating more space for complex conversations. They’re fun, educational, and engaging as well as being deeply relevant for our times:

Conversation Guide #1: Representing Israeli People explores four videos that represent the humans of Israel in very different ways.

Conversation Guide #2: Meet Israel’s Most Beloved Speaker of Heblish offers engaging questions and activities on the topics of language and identity, aliyah, and much more.

Conversation Guide #3: 12 Incredible Conversation-Starting Photos about Israel, presents contemporary Israel from different vantage points along with discussion questions and activities.

Conversation Guide #4: The Ethics of the Green Pass, poses questions about Israel’s response to the COVID pandemic.

Conversation Guide #5: What’s in a Name? unpacks the meaning behind the words we use when we talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Conversation Guide #6: The Threats and Opportunities Climate Change Poses for Israel examines the various measures Israel can take to tackle the climate crisis.


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