Coming Back to Zion: Jewish Lifecycle and Israel Engagement

Coming Back to Zion: Jewish Lifecycle and Israel Engagement

At Makom, we believe that Israel can serve as a resource of innovative Jewish culture that can add value and texture to a congregant’s life cycle event. As such, we have designed this program which proposes contemporary Israeli cultural content to enrich each major lifecycle event while also engaging the congregant more strongly with Israel.


  1. To enable clergy to develop an approach to integrating Israel within Jewish life cycle events in a way that is organic and natural to their personal and professional style/character.
  2. To provide the conceptual framework for them to develop such an approach
  3. To supply clergy with practical tools (including content rich resources from Israeli culture, reflective questions and other program ideas) that can support that approach.
  4. To provide collegial support with other clergy


Materials needed:

  1. White board and markers
  2. CD player (or some other way to play a CD)
  3. Copies of training module plus appendices.

Rabbis and cantors have the enormous responsibility and privilege to be with congregants at their most meaningful life transitions. How can Israel – a source of Jewish spirituality and a living Jewish culture – contribute to the celebrant at these times of transcendence? How can the integration of Israel into these rites and ceremonies provide opportunities for the most personal moments to be seen in the full breadth of Jewish Peoplehood?

Part 1: Participants explore a conceptual framework of Jewish lifecycle, and address the opportunities and challenges in developing meaningful connections to Israel through ritual.

Part 2: Participants are trained in practical tools for congregational work.

Participants take away the following resource:

  • Clergy’s guide to integrating Israel into Jewish lifecycle celebrations and events

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