CIC 06 – Refugees

CIC 06 – Refugees


Big Idea: Clarifying reality is innately positive, whether it provides a solution or not


  • The Issue
  • The History
  • The Context (Zooming Out)
  • Current Global Crisis



Students will know: 

The return of the Jewish Nation to their homeland is an unprecedented historical event 

  • Zionism is the name of the cause behind that return 
  • The Zionist narrative of the State of Israel 
  • The Palestinian narrative of the State of Israel Students will understand: 
  • How the two narratives address Jerusalem, refugees, and Occupation 
  • How the narratives compete in the media, and on campus Students will: 
  • Reflect critically on the moral and political dilemmas facing Israel 
  • Articulate their personal Zionist narrative 

Big Ideas: 

  • Arabs fled Israel before and during the War of Independence 
  • The Palestinian refugee issue has been exacerbated by many agencies and players
  • Occupation, Jerusalem and refugees are the three most contentious issues of the conflict

Key Knowledge: 

  • Many refugee crises 
  • Palestinian flight before and during War of Independence 
  • Palestinian refugees outside of Israel 
  • Military campaign and Deir Yassin 
  • Right of Return 

Learning Activities: 

  • Defining a refugee 
  • Modern refugees 
  • 3 categories of Palestinians 
  • War of Independence, resulting in refugees 
  • Timeline 
  • Operation Nachshon 
  • Deir Yassin video 
  • UNRWA slides 
  • Future of the refugees slide

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