CIC 04 Modern Middle East

CIC 04 Modern Middle East

Modern Middle East


  • Knowing the Map
  • Freedom and Democracy
  • How it Came to Be
  • Arab Spring


Students will know: 

  • The return of the Jewish Nation to their homeland is an unprecedented historical event 
  • Zionism is the name of the cause behind that return 
  • The Zionist narrative of the State of Israel 
  • The Palestinian narrative of the State of Israel Students will understand: 
  • How the two narratives address Jerusalem, refugees, and Occupation 
  • How the narratives compete in the media, and on campus Students will: 
  • Reflect critically on the moral and political dilemmas facing Israel 
  • Articulate their personal Zionist narrative 

Big Ideas: 

  • The modern Middle East requires one to zoom out 
  • The Middle East was formed by a complex mix of political movements, war, and colonial meddling 
  • Middle East conflicts are not only due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 
  • Understanding complex historical processes requires a broad perspective, which is certainly true in the modern Middle East 
  • Political movements shape history, and in turn, are formed by them 
  • War is a concentrated, accelerated version of this principle 

Key Knowledge: 

  • Nation states is a new concept in the Middle East 
  • Collective identities are different in the Middle East than in the West 
  • The Middle East has an entirely different political culture from the West 

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