CIC 02 – The Zionist Narrative

CIC 02 – The Zionist Narrative

The Zionist Narrative
BASEL, SWITZERLAND – AUGUST 29, 1897: Theodore Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, leans over the balcony of the Drei Konige Hotel during the first Zionist congress August 29, 1897 in Basel, Switzerland. Almost 51 years later, on May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was established in the Holy Land. (Photo by GPO via Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Theodore Herzl

Big Ideas:

  • The Jews are a nation 
  • Jews are indigenous to Israel 
  • The Jews have legal, historical, national and religious ties to Israel
  • Humans define origin, identity and purpose through narrative (nations are a social construct) 
  • The Land
  • The Rights
  • Balfour to Mandate

Key Knowledge: 

  • Difference between nation and religion 
  • 3 components to a nation: land, language, culture 
  • Jewish historical ties to Israel (archaeology) 
  • Jewish religious cultural ties to Israel in Diaspora 
  • Legal links (Balfour Declaration, Partition Plan) 
  • Declaration of Independence 
  • War of Independence 

Set Induction / Hook: 

  • Ask students why Israel has the right to exist 
  • Unpack the Crown Heights video 
  • Nation vs. Religion (Jews are a nation, and religion is its culture) 

Learning Activities: 

  • Size of Israel 
  • What are the Jews? 
  • George Galloway 
  • Zionist Idea 
  • Colonialism 
  • Samoan 
  • Six Israel’s rights 
  • Archaeology video (2) 
  • Nation states 
  • Timeline of conquest of Israel 
  • JNF / Ben Gurion ownership of the land 
  • Balfour / Partition 

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