Celebrating Israel

Celebrating Israel

Israel is so much more than flags, falafel, and folk dances. How can we celebrate as a community such a diverse, vibrant – and at times baffling – place? How can we make this celebration our own, rather than an unsatisfactory echo of an Israeli party?

In this workshop we explore how Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations might be best compared to other Jewish festivals, and structured around “The three Rs”: Rejoicing, Reflection, and Ritual. We also explore how a central and generative theme “Free Jewish People in Our Land” (Am Chofshi B’Artzenu) – offers endless opportunities for creativity, critique, and communal growth.

During the workshop participants are introduced to a plethora of online materials developed by Makom for the UJA-Federation of New York.

Participants gain full access to:

• free downloadable text studies

• film guides

• sermon sparks for rabbis

• activities for adults, teens, and families.


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