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Rabbis’ Sermon Sparks for Pesach – Doubt…

Spark: Taking the Jewish people from Egypt purposefully put the Jewish people into situations that would be incredibly challenging. This is to teach us that any worthwhile, meaningful endeavor, like taking the Jews from Egypt or creating a State of Israel, will naturally come with significant challenge.

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Spark: The Omer represents the process of Jewish history unfolding. It is a time we journeyed as a people from slavery, to freedom, and to

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Acharei Mot

Spark: According to the Torah, Israel does not belong to the Jewish People. Our presence there is contingent on our moral behavior. We must not

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Ki Tissa

Is Peace Always the Ideal? Spark: Aaron is one of the most beloved figures in Jewish tradition, especially because of his dedication to creating peace.

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High Holidays – 25

Note: This lesson is divided into two unrelated sections, one quite light-hearted and the other very somber – it’s up to the facilitator to decide on

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Sukkot – 26

Sukkot is a much loved and much studied festival that comes to round up the fall holiday season. It “works” as a harvest festival in Europe

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