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Yom Ha’atzmaut – Four Hatikvah Exclamation Marks!

“For 364 days of the year we are busy with criticism. We criticize the nation’s priorities, and the nation’s leaders. But a nation must have one day in a year that is a real celebration… all the harsh criticism must stop…” Klausner wrote this back in 1953, when the State of Israel was only 5 years old!

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WATCH: Avram Infeld explains The Nine Days of We

What is the significance of the nine days running between Yom HaShoah and Yom Ha’atzmaut? Shay Charka’s illustration below sees it as an emotional roller-coaster. Master educator Avram Infeld sees it as a crucial process for the Jewish People to appreciate.

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Eight Candles of Hope – all in one place

Here you can find all eight of the candles of hope that Robbie Gringras wrote about throughout Hanukkah. Music, TV, film, and even Presidents feature in this daily very personal exploration of his cultural highlights in Israel this year. Enjoy!

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A different Yom HaZikaron Ceremony

We share with you a ceremony that we created for JW3 in London, with the help of the animation films made by Bet Avi Chai. We looked to build a ceremony that placed its emphasis on the pain and loss of the civilian survivors, and less on the war-time experience of the fighters.

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