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About “A Tale of the Four”

Four entered the Orchard (Pardes). They were BenAzzai, Ben Zoma, Acher [literally, “the Other”, referring to Elisha ben Avuya], and Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva warned them, “When you enter near

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Yonatan Razael

Yonatan Razael made aliya from the States as a child, and works both as a conductor and singer-songwriter. His first album, All In All, went

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One City One CD

ONE CITY, ONE CD A holistic approach to Israeli performing arts in the community, with a clear plan of action What’s the issue? The ambitious arts

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Berry Sakharof

Berry Sakharof is often referred to as the “Prince of Israel Rock”. His career spans over 30 years, and takes in a stint in a

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