Four Hatikvah Questions

Family outing

“To be a free people in Our Land” Goal: Families will learn about the story of Hannah Senesh, a young Zionist hero who lost her life

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Am – People

Please download the study booklet here AM: People Meditate: Peoplehood What does it mean to be a part of the Jewish people?  What are examples

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About “Know”

In this song, Zohar uses a well-known saying from Ethics of the Fathers to “tell off” her boyfriend. The Ethics of the Fathers, compiled and written

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This activity uses experiential problem-solving to explore how governments and societies organize. By playing out how to set up a community on a desert island,

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Gun Control and Israel Education – how do they connect?

Whether or not the subject is on their curriculum, every Jewish educator knows that Gun Control is a topic that their students are interested in addressing. As such, we have an opportunity. Our students are motivated, excited, engaged! What contribution might Israel educators make at this time?

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