Temporary Shelter for the Kurds on Sukkot

​It is looking like the aspirations of the Kurds are about to be dashed once more. The United States has ended its alliance with the Syrian Kurds, and the Turkish bombings have been swift to come. As the number of casualties and refugees grow, two issues arise for Israel…

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HBO’s OUR BOYS & Keshet’s Real Time Kidnapping

Let’s start with the words of Israel’s Prime Minister on Twitter and Facebook: “The propaganda Channel 12 Keshet has produced an antisemitic series called Our Boys.” We’ll try to work through the various accusations for what they reveal about Our Boys, their resonance in Israeli society, and their motivation.

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Tisha B’Av and Eid el-Adha on the Temple Mount

This year Eid el Adha and Tisha B’Av fell on the same day. In any other place in the world, this need not be relevant. But Israel makes the spiritual, material. Our return to the Land of Israel has reasserted the place of Place in our worship. How can we better negotiate time and space, memories and place, people and land?

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Can anyone say Never Again? Depends what it means…

How are we to prevent further genocides without making comparisons from history? Does “Never Again” mean nothing? And here, it seems, lies the rub. “Never Again” means different things to different people. Meir Kahane, widely credited with popularizing the phrase, meant Never Again to Jews – not Never Again to All. 

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