How can we sing with Kululam during the Omer?

Was it okay for Orthodox Jews to attend the recording of the Kululam’s Yom Ha’atzmaut song during the Omer? One authoritative Rabbi said to me “It’s not really forbidden (not dancing); it’s not really permitted (public mass event). Go if it is ‎important to you.” … But is that satisfactory?

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President Trump versus the Balfour Declaration?

President Trump will become the first American president to visit the Kotel, the Western Wall. But in so doing President Trump’s advance staff have pointed out an inconvenient truth: The Kotel is on the “other” side of the Green Line. As such, it is not within Israel’s internationally recognized borders.

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What would a woman do? Makom video salon had an answer

In the lightness of Purim, and the echoes of International Women’s Day, we’ll just put this here… A baby also intruded on a Makom video salon between MK Rachel Azaria, and R. Marcelo Bronstein of Bnei Jeshurun. But no one knew until afterwards. What was Azaria’s secret? Read on…

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