Bridging the Gap: Yedid

Bridging the Gap: Yedid

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Social Inequality

A Rising Income Gap

Israel leads the developed world in the gap between rich and poor. The income gap between the rich and poor in Israel is twice as large as it is in the United States. Nearly 28% of Israelis live in poverty and almost 36% of all Israeli children are poor. These at-risk Israelis struggle daily for basic social and economic survival. To make matters worse, over the past decade the government instituted drastic cuts in the social services that used to support those in poverty.

A Jewish Issue

Striving for a just society is essential to the Jewish tradition. As it stays in Isaiah: “Learn to do well–seek justice, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow…. Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and they that return of her with righteousness.” (Isaiah 1:17-27)


Bridging the Gap: Yedid

Yedid’s mission is to empower low-income and middle-class people to reach self-sufficiency and create a stronger future for themselves, their families and the entire society.

Through dozens of Citizen Rights Centers and Satellite Offices, highly trained volunteers provide assistance to thousands of needy individuals and families from across the spectrum of Israel’s multi-cultural society.

Yedid is working to change the face of Israeli society, reaching geographically remote communities that are not served by most non-profits and where social services have been cut to a minimum. Yedid is the only national organization that empowers Israelis to break the cycle of poverty through:

  • Free individual legal and social assistance
  • Community educational initiatives
  • Grassroots organizing for social change
  • National advocacy for policy change


Here’s how you can get involved:

YEDID`s most important resource is their volunteer base, which is comprised of 1,000 people who carry out most of the day to day work of their Centers. The majority of their volunteers are highly trained, empowered, former clients working side by side with students and professionals in the fields of law, education, psychology and social work. For the summer of 2010, 5 interns from the United States will be volunteering at centers across Israel. In addition, financial support by individuals and foundations enables Yedid to do its work. See here for more information!


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