B’Artzenu – In Our Land

B’Artzenu – In Our Land

Please download the study booklet from here.

Introduction for families:

Read the following story with your kids:

Two men were fighting over a piece of land.  Each shouted that the land was his.  Finally, to settle their differences, they called for their teacher and agreed to abide by whatever decision she gave them.  The teacher listened carefully to the first man, and then to the other.  She announced the question she was about to solve: “To whom does the land belong?” The men agreed, “That is the question!”  “Since the question concerns the land,” the teacher said, “Let’s hear what the land has to say.”  The two men walked the teacher to the disputed land.  To the men’s surprise, the teacher put her ear to the ground and listened.  Nodding her head thoughtfully, she said: “I have listened to the land, and it says it belongs to neither of you.”  “What!??!” shouted the men in unison.  “The land says that you belong to it.” the teacher told them.

  • What do you think it means to belong to the land?
  • Do you think you belong to the land of Israel because you are a Jew, as much as you belong to the land in the neighborhood where you live?

Introduction for teens and adults

Create an art gallery with a set of images of the Land of Israel.

Feel free to make use of this small online collection.

  • Choose a piece that touches you. Say a few words about what it evokes in you regarding your feelings about the Land of Israel.
  • If you have been to Israel before, think about one place you visited that you can still picture. Share some associations you have with that place.

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