Artwork is an essential part of a successful marketing campaign when you are looking to promote an Israeli act in your community.

Usually the artist will provide a standard high res image that you can incorporate into the final artwork.

It is always important to make sure that all logos, information, and details are addressed in the artwork.

Before you begin promoting your event, triple-check with the artist/representative, the venue operator, and the sponsors to ensure there is no misinformation.

Always Remember:

  1. Be sure to put the date clearly and spell it out, don’t use numbers
  2. Bright colors get people’s attention, dark colors do not
  3. Make sure you put a web address clearly for people to check out the event online and a link to the artist’s website
  4. High resolution 300 dpi photograph’s that are specifically created by the artist  for press and media, are expected to be used; grainy low-fi, poorly crafted pictures do not sell your event-
  5. Make sure your biggest sponsors receive the biggest placement, and your smaller sponsors receive smaller placement, this is to ensure that you do not get tangled in the politics of “his logo is bigger than mine”.
  6. It’s always best to use a professional graphic designer when ever possible.

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