A Free People?

A Free People?

Bein Adam L’Amo – Between a Jew and her People 

בין אדם לעמו

Among the concepts that are available to describe the Jewish collective, none is more accurate than this: a people – the Jewish People.  Yet in our era, each person has many identities and the definitions of each are voluntary, not mandatory, and very fluid.  At times the subjective measures even become recognized as the basis for gathering data for the entire Jewish world.  It is therefore virtually impossible to speak of foundational content and specified behaviors for defining Jews.  It is also very difficult to identify what we, as Jews, have in common.  It is because of this challenge that the strongest concept for us to connect to this collective is “Peoplehood.” We are a group of individuals with a common past, and shared aspects to our fate (and of course, those in the process of conversion are individuals who intentionally join Jewish history and destiny).

On this page, we have collected educational materials that explore the themes of Peoplehood/Amo.

Below you will find sessions and programming, texts, arts materials, and more. 

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