Session VII – The Hatikvah Vision – tensions and harmony

Session VII – The Hatikvah Vision – tensions and harmony

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As we come to the close of this series of study, it is time for us to bring this all together. 

The order of the sessions has not been random. We have, in fact, been exploring what we at Makom call the Hatikvah Vision. The Hatikvah Vision emerges from the penultimate line of Israel’s National Anthem: To be a Free People In Our Land. 

We suggest that the reason Israel is special to the Jewish People, is because it encapsulates four values in one place and time: 

To Be – Not fighting for survival, not justifying one’s existence, just being…
Free – Free from persecution, and free to take responsibility, to create, to grant or refuse freedom to others…
People – Connected to the people and the civilization and traditions of the Jewish world…
In Our Land – Physically in the general geographic area of the Biblical Land of Israel.

These values live together in Israel, sometimes in great tension with each other, sometimes in harmony…

  1. Looking back at the previous six sessions, can you point to events and episodes we have referred to, where some or all of these values exist in tension with each other? 
  2. Can you identify events where these values are in harmony with each other?

We would argue that every reason to question Israel emerges when some or all of these values are in tension, and every reason to celebrate Israel emerges when these values are in harmony… 

Take a look at the Israeli headlines today in Haaretz, or Yediot, or Times of Israel, or Jerusalem Post – can you see where they refer to issues to do with Our Land? A clash between Freedom and definitions of being Jewish? A fascinating combination between Judaism and the land of Israel?

The State of Israel is an ongoing majestic struggle to find the way in which the Jewish People can live freely in their land. 

How do you think we are doing so far?

Where would you say we are doing well, and where are we falling down?

As we hope you have discovered throughout this series, the deeper you dig into the questions, the more fascinating Israel becomes…

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