Structuring the formal agreement

Structuring the formal agreement

When booking an Israeli act to perform at your community event it is always recommended that a standard performance agreement is structured and signed by both you (the executive producer/promoter) and the artist/representative.

The basic nature of this agreement should cover all general expectations the other side has of one another so that there are no fuzzy areas or misunderstandings down the road. The agreement should define  clearly who is responsible for what, what the artist will receive and by whom for the service (performance) they will give.

Typically professional musicians and their representatives will have a standard agreement in English that they will send to you (the promoter) to sign. If they don’t, it is usually in your interest to present them with a contract where you can make sure all of your concerns are covered.

Remember: It is your responsibility to make comments, ask questions, and clarify all terms before you sign and commit yourself to any obligations financially or otherwise. If there are any misunderstandings that you find later on after signing the contract with the artist/representative, and these issues are not addressed in the standard agreement, trouble might be on the way!

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