About Makom

Makom, a project of the Jewish Agency for Israel, is the place for challenging Israel education, enabling participants to ask challenging questions, while also providing a challenging and exciting experience.

Makom designs educational programs, trainings, and materials that help make sense of how we can best “be a free people in our land.” Through deep explorations of freedom, peoplehood, security, and the land of Israel, our goal is to open up explorations into the possibilities that modern Jewish life affords.

Makom works in a wide-range of settings, from schools to camps, Hillels to Federations, and beyond. We’ve worked with more than 10,000 professionals and educators, leading trainings, trips, and more. Today, we also work directly with young adults who are seeking to delve into the complexity of Israel and the Jewish people.

With our signature “Hugging and Wrestling with Israel and the Jewish People,” expert team offers a cutting-edge approach that sparks and inspires Jewish hope. Makom empowers educators, rabbis, activists, arts and community leaders across the spectrum to ask tough questions, articulate compelling visions, and provides the content and tools to craft honest programming.