4HQ Training Page for Hela…

4HQ Training Page for Hela…

Here are the videos and links we used…

Gadi Taub talking about Democracy and Nationalism

He also spoke nicely here, on Liberalism and Democracy:

We looked at material from this course, All In the Family, in particular the video on solidarity:

The whole album of Kobi Oz, Psalms from the Perplexed, is wonderful. In particular we looked at Elohai,

and at The Prayer of the Secular:

On Just War, here is the Halbertal video I mentioned:

Yom HaZikaron stuff

Here is the link to the session on Nothing will Harm me, here is the link to the ceremony we built around the Avi Chai videos, and here is the link to the Bet Avi Chai project itself.

This is the session on Freedom of Expression, and “Call My Bluff”!


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