Selecting the Artist

We’d suggest that in addition to choosing a band according to its musical appeal to your audience, it would be worth assessing what more they can bring. It’s true – there is great benefit in having people realize that there are rappers in Israel. It makes Israel more human, more accessible in people’s minds. But what if there was more?

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Home and Homeland

What you may be wondering:

What is all this stuff they keep telling me and my kid about ‘homeland’? What, am I supposed to completely ignore the fact that I was born in the US? I mean I do connect to Israel, and I’d really like my kids to do so as well, but this whole connection between people and place just makes me feel uncomfortable.


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Loyalty beyond me

You may be wondering:

I know we should be loyal to Israel, or at least keep our criticisms of Israel to ourselves. But I’m not sure what that means any more – let alone know how to explain it to my kids. I wish I could just tell my kids that they have to love Israel and that’s it, but I can’t. It’s more complicated than that. How do I get them to understand that you can bitch about a country that’s so important to you?


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Fences and Freedom

You may be wondering:

This morning there was a piece on TV about the Separation Wall. It’s clear that the kids want to talk about it. Israel looked really bad. To be honest, I think the reporter’s approach was right – the wall is a terrible thing. At the same time, I don’t want to completely trash Israel for my kids. What’s an intelligent way of talking about this, without letting Israel off the hook, but also making sure my kids get how complicated it is?


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Israel: The People and the Land – Introduction and Curriculum Outline

This curriculum attempts to tell, through the study of the biblical text, one of the central stories of our collective past and one which has helped shape our identity as a people. “Israel: Dramas of The People and the Land” traces the relationship between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel from the time the Land was first promised to our forefather Abraham until the time of our exile from it, a period of roughly 1,200 years.

The curriculum will try to explain the critical importance of the Land to the fulfillment of our goals as a People, the obstacles that stood in the way to our entry into the Land, the difficulties and challenges we faced as a People in our Land, and the ways in which we dealt with exile from the Land where we had developed and established our religious and national identities.

The curriculum consists of 9 Core Lessons which can be browsed below.

Makom is offering 2 Additional Lessons here, which were written by the same author which address the relationship between the Jewish People to their land in the post-First Temple period of Jewish history.

Please click here for the downloadable pdf that introduces the curriculum to the teacher.


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