Podcast 177 – A Zionist Playbook for “Interesting Times”

Podcast 177 – A Zionist Playbook for “Interesting Times”

Often, “interesting times” leave most people feeling helpless and depressed. The modern Zionist movement was born of such difficult times. Pogroms, World Wars, ideological ferment are just a few of the elements in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that ultimately fueled the creative building of a new historical plateau for the Jewish nation. Zionism is a form of activism and is as relevant today as ever.

In this episode, Alan and Mike try to break down how Zionism built growth out of chaos. These are the seven steps to change the world, and keep your own sense of balance and optimism. Join us!

This episode was recorded on Zoom, and then sent to the amazing Ben Wallick Studios for editing. Ben is the best!

Makom Israel Teachers Lounge is a weekly podcast produced by Matt Lipman, and hosted by Michael Unterberg and Alan Goldman.

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