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What Makom Seminars Can Do for Your Community

Makom seminars expand and enliven the place of Israel in Jewish life. We enrich and empower leadership to articulate a compelling vision of Israel engagement, and to make those visions real for your community. We have facilitated seminars for over 140 institutions, in over 30 cities around the world, through the following modes ofIsraelengagement: Education, Arts and Culture, Synagogue Life, Travel, and Jewish Peoplehood.

The seminars provide a flexible format for a half-day, full-day, or multi-day seminar in your community.

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List of workshops and seminars

Big Blue Tent and Jewish Dissent


  • Can we create space for our disagreements about Israel while building a Jewish consensus on the basics?
  • Can we create an energetic, united response to Israel’s actual enemies?

Following its success at Jerusalem’s Global Jewish Forum, Makom brings its unique workshop on tour to North America. A short presentation and small group discussions lead into the performance of an interactive play written by Makom’s Artist in Residence.

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Understanding Jewish Peoplehood: Thinking and Doing


What do we mean by “Peoplehood?” Why is this word so hot today? Can the notion galvanize and unite Jews from around the world? Through multimedia presentations, small group discussions, and text study, participants are guided on an exploration of the concept of Peoplehood and its application to policy making and practice.

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Israel Travel Education: Essential building blocks for a significant and transformational Israel experience


Our workshop examines a variety of typical narratives that play themselves out in Israel travel. In what way can they be educationally transformative?

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Coming Back to Zion: Jewish Lifecycle and Israel Engagement


Rabbis and cantors have the enormous responsibility and privilege to be with congregants at their most meaningful life transitions. How can Israel – a source of Jewish spirituality and a living Jewish culture – contribute to the celebrant at these times of transcendence? How can the integration of Israel into these rites and ceremonies provide opportunities for the most personal moments to be seen in the full breadth of Jewish Peoplehood?

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Re-Imagining an Israel-Engaged Synagogue


How does Israel live in my synagogue?

Synagogues are recognizing that integrating Israel engagement into the full program and life of the congregation strengthens a more holistic approach to Jewish identity.

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Creative Programming for Building Your Israel Conversation


Israel is a dynamic and complex society. How can we introduce our community to a nuanced conversation about Israel’s vibrant realities? Makōm has developed materials for use in multiple settings, precisely for this purpose.

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Curriculum Development in Israel Education: Defining Key Questions


How do we think about teaching Israel? Is Israel integrated into your school or camp’s curricula? What are your goals? What image of Israel are you trying to portray?

In this seminar, we investigate the Makōm Matrix for Israel Engagement to understand target populations, and how to align vision with practice.

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A Playlist for Israel Engagement: The Educational Power of Israeli Popular Music


From the song Jerusalem of Gold to the movie Exodus, the popular arts have always been a part of the Israel engager’s “kit-bag.” How might we update our material to accommodate new Israeli popular arts, and a 21st century Jewish community? This seminar focuses on contemporary Israeli music as an educational resource and the ways in which Israeli arts present a window into the questions and complexities of Israeli life.

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The Art of Commitment and Controversy


How can we present culture that celebrates Israel without becoming saccharine? How can we present challenging Israeli arts without offending?

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Celebrating Israel


Israel is so much more than flags, falafel, and folk dances. How can we celebrate as a community such a diverse, vibrant – and at times baffling – place? How can we make this celebration our own, rather than an unsatisfactory echo of an Israeli party?

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