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How can that old chestnut “hugging and wrestling” be interpreted in a positive way? How is it possible – educationally and generally – to identify flaws in Israeli society without running the place down?

Here we offer a list of information about NGOs in Israel who are working to better Israel and not batter Israel. Connecting to their work will allow you to appreciate a problem in Israel’s society, while at the same time learn about inspiring people working to fix it.

The Hope

Jewish Eco Seminars’ Approach


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Understanding and Protecting the Land


How often have you walked through the streets of an Israeli city and noticed trash on the ground? Or heard about the shrinking water in the Sea of Galilee, or Dead Sea? Or met an Israeli who didn’t know what composting is? Probably too many times. Unfortunately, many Israelis have a ways to go when it comes to environmental awareness.

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Challenging the Status Quo


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Women at the Temple Margins

If you have been to the Western Wall recently, you may have noticed that the women’s section is markedly smaller than the men’s section, despite the fact that the number of visitors on both sides is approximately the same. This leaves many women feeling disrespected, not to mention uncomfortable, while praying at one of the most holy sites of the Jewish people.

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Hotline for Migrant Workers


Vulnerable Strangers in a Strange Land

If you’ve been to Israel lately, you might have seen Masada, the kotel, and the Tel Aviv nightlight. But did you notice the 180,000 migrant workers from the Philippines, China, Thailand and other countries, performing the agricultural and service jobs that help Israel thrive? They are also one of the most vulnerable groups in Israel; as non-citizens, non-Hebrew speakers, and non-Jews, they are often an invisible ‘other.’

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