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“To be a free people in our land”

Goal: Students (and their parents) will become more familiar with Israel as a living country.

Israel is thriving modern country.  If you’ve been to Israel, you see how much of a Jewish place it is.  Everyone speaks Hebrew and you may recognize the letters on the signs and some of the words.  Jewish symbols are all over the place.  And if you are there during a Jewish holiday or Shabbat, you see how Jewish holidays are the holidays of the country.   If you haven’t been to Israel, you can explore modern Israel through games and learn a little more about how Israel thrives when a free people can flourish in its own land.



Divide the following placenames among your students, four to each person.

Have all students research online the places given to them.

Screen the Kutiman video again, and the first to see all four of their places shouts ‘Bingo!’. They must then explain what they know about the four places. If they are able to do so, they get a prize…

How has the Jewish people grown and thrived in modern Israel?  Use two resources from Behrman House for students and parents to have fun with getting to know Israel.

For in school use, the school can purchase two games from Behrman House.

The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt (grades 2-3)

Welcome to Israel (grades 4-6)

The activity in school can be followed up at home with a board game from Babaganewz

This game can become more vibrant by looking at the virtual tours of two of Israel’s major cities, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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