Guiding questions for “Nikbat HaShiloach”

Kobi Oz undergoes a powerful experience in the waters, yet in the end he emerges more or less unchanged. Some talk of a visit to Israel as an “immersion” into an intense and overwhelming Jewish experience, yet on return to their Jewish life in the Diaspora – outside of the inspiring “waters” of the Jewish State – they find it difficult to reach such poetic heights.

Kobi Oz considers four motivating factors for why he visits Nikbat HaShiloach: Meglomania, Anthropology, Guilt, and a feeling that his life is dirty.

How would you say this song sees the connection between the biblical Land of Israel and the modern State of Israel?

How would you say the song expresses the connection between a spiritual Jerusalem, and the humdrum day-to-day Jerusalem (Yerushalayim shel maalah, Yerushalayim shel matah)?

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