Guiding questions for My Longings for Longings

 Kobi Oz introduces this song by suggesting that the Jewish People spent two thousand years longing for Zion, but now we have a State here, all Israelis do is long for a trip abroad! Incidentally, he lays this critique at both the observant and the non-observant: He refers to the Rabbis’ complaint at how many men leave their families on Rosh Hashana to pray at Rabbi Nachman’s grave in Uman…

Do you ever feel this dynamic of longing from afar but discomfort on arrival with regards Israel?

Can you see this circular image of longing – arriving – wishing to leave once more – as referring to more than just a relation to the Land of Israel?

The music for this song has been likened to the Gypsy Kings. Would you say there is anything significant about this song having a ‘gypsy’ feel to it?

Why do you think this song – describing an almost-tragic lack of satisfaction – is so upbeat?

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