Nine Days of We

In this wonderful short interview, Avram Infeld lays out a vision for understanding Yom Ha’atzmaut as part of a process that begins on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, 9 days before Yom Ha’atzmaut. 

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With this inspiring vision in mind, we offer a variety of programming that might be appropriate for this period in the Jewish calendar. 

Telling the Story: The Four Genres of Zionist History


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This lesson explores the nature of historical narrative: the ways in which we interpret historical events. We will learn a four-genre model of literary style, and use this model to look at the key events from Zionist history through 4 different different prisms. To Full Post



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This activity uses experiential problem-solving to explore how governments and societies organize. By playing out how to set up a community on a desert island, the students will begin to understand the founding of the State of Israel. To Full Post

Yom Hazikaron: Degrees of Separation


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This lesson focuses on the challenge of marking Yom HaZikaron (Israel Remembrance Day) for North American Jewry. We explore the notion of commemorating in the wider American context, and expand on this to discuss Israel’s Remembrance Day, and what it means to commemorate from a distance. To Full Post



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This activity explores the notion of “home” and employs artistic technique to make the topic personal and relevant to the students. The activity seeks to discuss the sacrifices and choices one makes when deciding where and why to set up a home, and what the ramifications of this prioritization are for you and those around you. To Full Post

Make Your Own Israeli Music Video


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Celebrating Israeli Culture and Expression (Pride):
We believe that one of the most beautiful expressions of להיות עם חופשי בארצנו (To be a Free People in Our Land) is the flourishing of Jewish culture and art that has come as a natural progression from the Jewish people building a thriving society in their ancestral homeland. To Full Post

Supreme Court: Challenges of Jewish Sovereignty in Israel


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Flexing Ethical Muscles

“Taking power and the costs of power…have become central concerns of the Jewish people… Ethical muscles not flexed for centuries are now used; sometimes they are stiff and sore…”                                                                                                                 – Rabbi I. Greenberg

This lesson explores the great responsibility that comes with having power and decision-making ability. The lesson uses two legal judgments made by Israel’s Supreme Court to expose the students to the complex nature of this responsibility. To Full Post

Will the Real Zionist Please Stand Up?


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In this session, the students will debate the true meaning of what it means to be a Zionist today. Armed with a short text study, they will advocate for fictional stereotypes of various Zionists. To Full Post

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