Hebrew – Jerusalem Exam

What is the Jerusalem Examination?

The Jerusalem Examination is an advanced test of Hebrew and Jewish knowledge, designed specifically for the Diaspora. It is intended for graduates of Jewish High Schools and other students of Hebrew who want a recognized, official record of their achievements.
The Examination is in two parts:


What should the Examination candidate study?

To prepare for the Jerusalem Examination, candidates study excerpts from the Bible, Mishnah, liturgy, Medieval Literature (philosophy and poetry), modern Hebrew literature (prose and poetry) and articles on Jewish thought and philosophy. Five of these subjects are compulsory, and for the other five subjects the student selects any two on which he/she wishes to be examined. For the convenience of the student, all the required study material is contained in the Jerusalem Examination Reader, except for the Biblical passages. This frees the student from the need to search for the required material. The requirements for the first test appear on a separate sheet, which lists both compulsory and optional material.

Who administers the Jerusalem Examination?

The Jerusalem Examination is prepared by the Office for Hebrew Examinations Overseas, in conjunction with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Makom. The results are checked by Hebrew language academic experts.

Pass level requirements:

The passing grade is 50 for the first test and 60 for the second.A candidate who fails either test has the opportunity to be re-examined, without having to repeat the other test.

What credit does the candidate receive?

The Jerusalem Examination provides the student with a framework for serious, in-depth, fundamental learning. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, together with the Jewish Agency, awards the Jerusalem Diploma to every candidate who passes the Examination. This diploma exempts its holder from Hebrew entrance examinations and courses for overseas students offered by universities in Israel. It is thus recognized by all Israeli institutes of higher learning.

Calleges and universities abroad also give between 6 to 9 credits for the diploma.

What are the benefits for students studying at Jewish schools?

The examination may be taken at the candidate’s school on material which has been previously approved by the Examination Office. The material must be submitted for approval no later than one month before the internal examination. The grade achieved in this preliminary examination is determined by the school and constitutes 30% of the final grade.

Where is the Jerusalem Examination held?

It is held in every Jewish school which has registered for the Jerusalem Examination. Test papers are sent to the school according to the number of applicants.

It is also possible to be tested in Israel. Candidates should apply to the secretariat of the Examination in Jerusalem for further information.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age is 16 (eleventh grade). There is no maximum age. Anyone whose level of Hebrew is suited to the material is welcome to apply.

How does one register for the Jerusalem Examination ?

If you want more information about registration and fees, please contact makom@jafi.org

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