Sermon Sparks – for Rabbis

Looking for a way to talk about current Israel in your sermons? Looking to tie the Parashah in with Israel in an intelligent way? Look no further. These Sermon Sparks are for your use. Feel free to download, to comment, and to send us your own sermon sparks you’d like to share.

Terumah – download pdf print-outonline page

Ki Tissa – online page

Vayakhel – online page

Vayikra – download pdf print-outonline page

Tazria-Metzora – download pdf print-out –  online page

Metzora – download pdf print-outonline page

Achrei Mot – download pdf print-out –  online page

Omer – download pdf print-out –  online page

Pesach doubt – download pdf print-out –  online page

Pesach – dealing with enemies

Pesach – 5th cup – download pdf print-out -  online page

Kedoshim – download pdf print-out- online page

Behar – download pdf print-out- online page

Naso – download pdf print-out- online page

Behaalotcha – download pdf print-out- online page

Behaalotcha (Moses’ leadership) – download pdf print-out- online page

We are beginning a Forum for Rabbis to share their Israel-related sermon sparks – please join us in creating a dynamic Rabbinical Open Source Israel…



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Spark: The Modern State of Israel is the best opportunity we’ve had in 2000 years to fulfill the Torah’s call to create a just and ethical society. Right now, there are many exciting groups in Israel that are trying to do just that. To Full Post



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Spark: Sometimes we need to destroy our old conceptions/models of Israel to discover new treasure. To Full Post



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Spark: Acknowledging and accepting the fact the leaders will disappoint us is the first step towards improving them. To Full Post



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Spark: The ideal contribution a Jew can make to Israel is a “free will offering” that reflects his or her personal strengths, talents, and passions. To Full Post



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Spark: Wisdom and understanding are the Jewish people’s ultimate sources of strength and identity. When we think about strengthening Israel, we should think about how to strengthen its sources of wisdom. We can do this in two ways: striving to improve education for all of its citizens, as well as improving our own Israel education and awareness.

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