Materials to mark 50 years since the 6 Days War – Hugging and Wrestling

Here you can find an ever-growing collection of activities and materials that will enable you to explore the celebratory aspects of the 6 Day War, and its more challenging aspects.

50 Years – the photos activity


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כאן אפשר למצוא פרטים על מערך התמונות:

מערך תמונות שנת יובל ירושלים

ירושלים – נספח למנחה

And here is the same activity explained in English:

Jerusalem at 50 – the postcard session

The place of Place – activity exploring the Land of Israel


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This is an activity from the 4HQ curriculum, adapted for 2017, the 50th anniversary of the 6 Day War.

What is behind the connection of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel? And how does the Bible dictate or deviate from Israel’s current borders?

A crucial element in any learner’s ability to think about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. For learners aged 15 upwards.

To download the full activity, click here.

Working with “10 hours on a Palestinian tour bus”


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We have found that Liora Goldberg’s blog of her visit to Ramallah and Hebron is a useful text to work with young adult groups who may not identify themselves as “progressive”. In particular it may be useful to begin more in-depth discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict among young adults who grew up within a community that rarely voices a critique of Israeli policies in Judea and Samaria/The West Bank.

Liora’s perspective on her experiences comes from her UK Bnei Akiva background, and from growing up in a committed Zionist and not necessarily progressive family. Her insights are careful, honest, and personal. As such, we would recommend seeing her narrative voice as one of the most interesting aspects of the blog – exploring not only the experiences she reports, but the way in which she reports them as well.

While you are welcome to share the link to the annotated version of her blog, with “hover-over” embedded questions, you may wish to arrange an in-person meeting.

A gathering of young adults might be best off first sharing the reading of the entire blog, one paragraph per person: This is a slightly shortened version for you to download and print out.

Then we would recommend splitting into smaller groups or pairs, to work through the four sheets of A3 for at least 45 minutes.

10 Hours on a Palestinian Tour - Makom Guide_Page_2

Click here to download the pdf for printing out prior to the meeting.

Finally, bring the small groups together so that they may share their insights and comments.

Here I Come – activity around HaDag Nachash’ song


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“This activity is recommended for learners who have visited Israel before.


Ask each participant to

Write down 10 words, ideas, or places that you associate with Jerusalem


Write down 10 words, ideas, or places that you associate with Tel Aviv

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Yerushalayim Shel Zahav – Natan and Ben


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Looking at a mizrachi-sounding version of Naomi Shemer’s classic, and comparing it with the original.

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Yerushalayim Shel Barzel – Jerusalem of Iron


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Immediately after fighting in the parachutist unit that conquered Jerusalem in 1967, Meir Ariel wrote new words to Naomi Shemer’s then-new song. Jerusalem of Iron was a massive hit in Israel, until Shemer added her post-6 Day War additional verses.

Although some thirty years later Ariel dismissed his song as the “product of combat shock and whisky”, it continues to resonate for a segment of the population. In general, Ariel’s work is cited as a huge influence on Israel’s top musicians of today.

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