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Educational Materials

We recommend taking a look at the video on the Makom Matrix: it sets a useful context for our work. Beyond this, we have divided our materials into age cohorts: Schools/Camp, Campus, and Adults. We are constantly adding material to these sections – keep checking back!

Conceptual Frames

We like to think that Israel Engagement thinking can’t be summarized in a couple of tweets, and we also believe that a few great lessons or programs do not a transformation make. Sometimes a framework is needed, or a different way of thinking. Here we have gathered, and will continue to gather, our longer articles and though-pieces about Israel and Israel engagement.

Arts Resources
The Israeli popular arts offer us a perfect tool and vehicle for Israel engagement. Celebrating complexity, embracing multi-vocality, touching both head and heart, the potential is huge. We are constantly adding to these resources – keep checking back!

Below you can also find all the materials posted that have been earmarked for your interest.

The Price – Yom HaZikaron and the Helicopter Disaster


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In this session we explore the price a people pays in order to be Free in their Own Land. From the battle of Tel Hai onwards, the Jewish People in the Land of Israel decided they would no longer flee for their lives: they would stay and fight for their land. In this sense, Israel’s freedom from attack is inextricably bound to the army, and to its losses. How does a country face its pain? In Israel a collective grief is explored and commemorated through awe-inspiring art and culture that both bows the head and straightens the shoulders.

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Hatikvah – educational activity about Israel’s National Anthem


What was the musical symbol – the anthem –  that Israel chose for itself? In what way is it like other nation’s anthems, and in what way is it different? Does Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem, serve its unifying and symbolic purpose?

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Rich and Poor


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In this session we explore where our appreciation of Am, of Peoplehood, intersects with our desire for economic freedom – freedom to make a living, and freedom from poverty. We also explore whether our allegiances alter according to where someone may live (B’Artzenu). At the same time we deepen the connection between these issues and our Jewish identity and values, and finally point to inspirational work being done in Judaism’s name in Israel.

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