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Real Talk

Real Talk is a series of guided conversations to be held with lay and professional leadership in your community, in order to enable a more nuanced, considered approach to Israel engagement.

The Hatikvah Vision

This presents a way in which you might choose to frame the way your community engages with Israel, in all spheres.

Celebrating Israel

Is there a way to break out of an uninspiring cycle of Yom Ha’atzmaut events? We recommend a re-think…

Makom in Depth

A collection of our articles for various publications, offering deeper insights into the challenges facing Israel Engagement. You may find Creativity in Coalition of particular relevance, addressing, as it does, community change processes in Israel engagement.


Below you can also find all the materials posted that have been earmarked for your interest.


The Origins of Zionism – 41


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Zionism has changed the face of Judaism and the course of Jewish history. Was the development of Zionism a revolution – a break with all Jewish ideology that went before it, the birth of a new Jew as master of his own destiny? Or, was it a realization of the unbroken loyalty the Jewish people held for their ancestral land? Was it a Jewish manifestation of nineteenth century state nationalism or a yearning for socialist utopia? Or maybe it was just another way to survive? Its origins, like Zionism itself, are complex and varied. In this lesson we will study the different ingredients and personalities that gave rise to modern Zionism and ask ourselves: did Zionism/the State of Israel provide the solutions to the problems its originators envisioned.

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Different Directions within Zionism – 42


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From the very beginning, Zionism meant very different things to different people.  This lesson examines three of the major fault lines: a) between those who saw Zionism as a rebellion against Judaism and those who saw it as the fulfillment of Judaism; b) between those who saw in Zionism the hope for creating a socialist utopia and those who sought “normalization;” and c) between those who anticipated the ingathering of all the exiles and those who saw the state as a sustaining center for a revitalized world Jewry.

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Jews in Eretz Yisrael before World War II – 43



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As the ideological and political battles of Zionism were being fought out in Europe, the first mass immigrations to Eretz Yisrael formed. Facing incredible hardships – economic deprivations, disease, friction with the local population and culture shock – these immigrations were to form the basis of much of the Israel we know today. In this lesson we will follow some of the history of the new immigrants in Palestine, address some of the dilemmas they faced, and get to know some of the legendary figures of that era.

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From Yom to Chag


A 14 page document exploring the way other nations celebrate a distant homeland. Can we learn from them? And can we learn from our own Jewish festivals to find a form for Yom Haatzmaut?

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Understanding Jewish Peoplehood: Thinking and Doing


What do we mean by “Peoplehood?” Why is this word so hot today? Can the notion galvanize and unite Jews from around the world? Through multimedia presentations, small group discussions, and text study, participants are guided on an exploration of the concept of Peoplehood and its application to policy making and practice.

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Re-Imagining an Israel-Engaged Synagogue


How does Israel live in my synagogue?

Synagogues are recognizing that integrating Israel engagement into the full program and life of the congregation strengthens a more holistic approach to Jewish identity.

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Creative Programming for Building Your Israel Conversation


Israel is a dynamic and complex society. How can we introduce our community to a nuanced conversation about Israel’s vibrant realities? Makōm has developed materials for use in multiple settings, precisely for this purpose.

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Curriculum Development in Israel Education: Defining Key Questions


How do we think about teaching Israel? Is Israel integrated into your school or camp’s curricula? What are your goals? What image of Israel are you trying to portray?

In this seminar, we investigate the Makōm Matrix for Israel Engagement to understand target populations, and how to align vision with practice.

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Real Talk – Putting It Into Practice


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The new ideas might sound very nice in theory, but how can they actually take place in practice? Here we address this concern by taking the conversation squarely into the realm of educational practice.

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The meaning of the numbers

September 9, 2011

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On Saturday night the Middle East witnessed another remarkable demonstration of the spirit of democracy.

Over 450,000 people, 6% of Israel’s entire population, were out demonstrating against government policy.

That’s the equivalent of almost 19 million marching throughout the USA, over 2 million in Canada, and nearly 4 million people walking peacefully in the streets of the UK.

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