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Real Talk

Real Talk is a series of guided conversations to be held with lay and professional leadership in your community, in order to enable a more nuanced, considered approach to Israel engagement.

The Hatikvah Vision

This presents a way in which you might choose to frame the way your community engages with Israel, in all spheres.

Celebrating Israel

Is there a way to break out of an uninspiring cycle of Yom Ha’atzmaut events? We recommend a re-think…

Makom in Depth

A collection of our articles for various publications, offering deeper insights into the challenges facing Israel Engagement. You may find Creativity in Coalition of particular relevance, addressing, as it does, community change processes in Israel engagement.


Below you can also find all the materials posted that have been earmarked for your interest.


Herzl to Herzliya


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“From Herzl to Herzliya” seeks to analyze the need for a new direction in Israel Education. It suggests that there is a profound shift in the Jewish People’s circumstances brought about by some remarkable successes in the last two generations. It argues that Israel education should be built as a sub-field of Jewish education, with significant possibilities for engagement that we have yet to explore.

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Hugging and Wrestling


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Hugging and Wrestling advocates for the value of criticism in a committed relationship between the Diaspora and Israel, and suggests educational strategies to accompany this alternative paradigm. In particular we draw attention to the riches of Israeli arts, whose multi-dimensional form allows for inspiration as well as critique.

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Creativity in Coalition


Creativity in Coalition suggests that to build momentum for change in Israel education requires bringing diverse people with varied strengths together. It advocates the kinds of skills and attributes useful for the coalition to succeed and highlights the emotional challenge of change in this arena. This presentation was originally given at a MAKOM network meeting.

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Sleeping with One Eye Open


“Sleeping with One Eye Open” traces the development of Jewish independence and assesses the challenges that still face sovereign Israel. One might view those challenges as a curse, but this article asserts that they may carry much of the meaning of Zionism, as a collective act of responsibility. The article appeared in the October 2007 Zeek magazine.

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Finding a Venue


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The location for your production is a key element to making a successful event. To Full Post

Overcoming the Language Barrier


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Unless you are booking a philharmonic or a non-vocal jazz band, the show will involve words. Lyrics are a crucial part of the show – listening to an Israeli artist without understanding the words would be like appreciating Van Gogh in black and white.

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Enhancing the impact – pre and post


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Take a look at this document as an example for how pre-show educational activities can also fulfill your marketing needs. The more the community is familiar with the music of the band before they arrive, the more meaningful you have managed to make their work for the audience before the show, the more likely the audience will a) have a meaningful experience, and b) come in huge numbers!

Don’t start introducing your band’s songs a couple of weeks before the show. Start six months earlier. Make the band not just well-hyped, but make them an integral meaningful part of community activities – such that attending a live performance of theirs is the most natural thing in the world.

Sources of finance


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Finding Sponsors

In order to find a sponsor for your event you need to create a position as to why they should want to sponsor your event. In most cases, if done correctly, you are doing the sponsor the favor, not the other way around. To Full Post

Sales – promotions


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There are several benchmarks to cover, which if done properly can guarantee that you will reach maximum exposure to your potential audience. To Full Post

The Meaning of Israel – 1


In the traditional Jewish community, long before there was a Zionist movement or a state of Israel, the “connection to Israel” was built in to everyday life.  The entire calendar of holidays, the words of the daily prayers, the everyday detail of the stories of the Bible and the laws of the Mishnah – all were permeated with Israel: its landscape, its climate, its agriculture, its geography.

The success of Zionism has led to the crisis of Israel education.  Now that Israel is a modern state, now that we have “returned to history” with all the unpleasantness and difficult dilemmas that that entails – and now that in our modernization we have lost much of the substrate of tradition in which our Israel connection was rooted – we are left trying to create a new connection to Israel, based on the assumption of the Zionist revolution: that Judaism is a nationality, not a religion.

The difficulty that the modern or post-modern North American Jew has in defining his/her Jewish identity (religious?  ethnic?  national?  universalistic?) creates a parallel difficulty in defining his/her relationship to Israel – and this in turn leaves educators without clearly defined goals and outcomes.  This whole course is designed to help teachers grapple with this situation and formulate their own responses.  This first lesson is meant to articulate the problem, and start the deliberation process that will, hopefully, run throughout the course.

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