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How can your unique arts and culture perspective benefit the community’s Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations? Some materials to help you think through some of the issues.

Hugging and Wrestling 

The original article, that draws direct connections between the current needs of Israel Engagement, and the arts.

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Sound man


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This is the most important role in the production.

The sound man is responsible for organizing the band’s sound check, and live performance so that the sonic caliber both on stage (for the musicians) and off stage (for the audience) is mixed well. To Full Post

Artist Visas


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To be honest, this is not the most fun part of your production.

P-1 visas (Performance Visas) are required in the United States for any foreign act performing a gig “for hire”- meaning that they are getting paid directly for their performance.

HOWEVER- if the act is performing for an engagement that is considered a cultural event and the gig is for gratis (free) then they do not need to obtain a performance, only a regular tourist visa. To Full Post

The timeline countdown


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This section will can help you wrap your head around the scope and timeline of your production: To Full Post



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If you are not doing a free show or door deal then you need to have a plan for ticketing your show. Most established clubs and venues have their preferred method of selling tickets, box office, online, network of community representatives etc. To Full Post



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Artwork is an essential part of a successful marketing campaign when you are looking to promote an Israeli act in your community.

Usually the artist will provide a standard high res image that you can incorporate into the final artwork. To Full Post

The top 5 tent protest songs

August 24, 2011 by

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What is the theme song for Israel’s Tent Protests? Although there are some brand new candidates (Mosh Ben Ari’s Look Me In The Eyes, and the unplugged version of a new song The Good Guys Will Win, that HaDag Nachash wrote specially for the Tent Protests), Israelis are rediscovering popular songs from the recent past that would seem to have been written with the current protests in mind. Tallkbackers and youtube uploaders are hailing them as prophecies finally coming to pass…

My top five are as follows:

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A new Star is Born

July 24, 2011 by

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Hagit Yaso won A Star is Born last night.

I don’t think even she was all that surprised. While tens of thousands demonstrated in the streets of Tel Aviv for fair housing prices, and others mourned the loss of Norway’s security and Amy Winehouse, the rest of us were watching cute Hagit win A Star is Born.

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Remembering Debbie Friedman

January 10, 2011 by

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I opened the newspapers and couldn’t find it.

I knew it was an outside chance, but it made me sad nevertheless.

Last night Debbie Friedman died. It was all over my facebook and, I’m assuming, all over the facebook of thousands of English-speaking Jews. But so far nothing in Israel.

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When Shalom only means goodbye

October 23, 2010 by

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This year I had a tough Rabin Day.

So many replays of that night, so many archived appearances of Rabin on chat shows, and the speeches he made.

What struck me most was the number of times Rabin talked about Peace. These days it is so rare to hear someone talking about peace.

We hear much talk about “reaching an agreement”, we hear a great deal about recognition and borders and security arrangements and settlements, but I don’t hear anyone talking about peace any more. We talk about methods techniques and procedures to solve the problem, to find an end to the conflict, to divide or not divide the land, but it feels like we’ve forgotten to even dream about what that might look like beyond lines on a map.

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Shma Yisrael

April 18, 2010 by

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I was watching recently a live performance of Sarit Hadad on TV.

One of the climaxes of her show is the song When the Heart Weeps. Built upon the millenia-old prayer of every Jew, the Shma, Sarit Hadad moves her audience to tears with her oriental trills:

When the heart weeps only God hears

The pain rises from the soul

A man falls (in battle) and before he sinks

Cuts the silence with a tiny prayer

Hear O Israel you are all-powerful

You gave me my life, you gave me everything…

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