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The Hope – Israeli NGOs 

A gathering of information about Israeli NGO’s who work to better Israel.

Current Affairs 

Here we attempt to address current affairs through the lens of the Jewish People. Both the Hot Topics and the Pushing the Button sections are constantly updated.

Makom In-Depth

You may be interested to learn more about our thinking and approach. 


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Chag Haatzmaut – think/practice document


A 23-page document complete with exercises and text study, helping you rethink Israel celebration in the light of the Jewish festival calendar.

Click here for the printable pdf.

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From Yom to Chag


A 14 page document exploring the way other nations celebrate a distant homeland. Can we learn from them? And can we learn from our own Jewish festivals to find a form for Yom Haatzmaut?

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Yerushalayim Shel Barzel – Jerusalem of Iron


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Immediately after fighting in the parachutist unit that conquered Jerusalem in 1967, Meir Ariel wrote new words to Naomi Shemer’s then-new song. Jerusalem of Iron was a massive hit in Israel, until Shemer added her post-6 Day War additional verses.

Although some thirty years later Ariel dismissed his song as the “product of combat shock and whisky”, it continues to resonate for a segment of the population. In general, Ariel’s work is cited as a huge influence on Israel’s top musicians of today.

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Hotline for Migrant Workers


Vulnerable Strangers in a Strange Land

If you’ve been to Israel lately, you might have seen Masada, the kotel, and the Tel Aviv nightlight. But did you notice the 180,000 migrant workers from the Philippines, China, Thailand and other countries, performing the agricultural and service jobs that help Israel thrive? They are also one of the most vulnerable groups in Israel; as non-citizens, non-Hebrew speakers, and non-Jews, they are often an invisible ‘other.’

For the downloadable pdf, click here

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Creative Programming for Building Your Israel Conversation


Israel is a dynamic and complex society. How can we introduce our community to a nuanced conversation about Israel’s vibrant realities? Makōm has developed materials for use in multiple settings, precisely for this purpose.

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Real Talk – Putting It Into Practice


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The new ideas might sound very nice in theory, but how can they actually take place in practice? Here we address this concern by taking the conversation squarely into the realm of educational practice.

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The meaning of the numbers

September 9, 2011

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On Saturday night the Middle East witnessed another remarkable demonstration of the spirit of democracy.

Over 450,000 people, 6% of Israel’s entire population, were out demonstrating against government policy.

That’s the equivalent of almost 19 million marching throughout the USA, over 2 million in Canada, and nearly 4 million people walking peacefully in the streets of the UK.

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