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Our research for the Global Jewish Forum on Haredim and the Jewish Collective was enlightening. Over the next few weeks we shall be presenting here all the materials that we feel may shed some light on the complexities of the subject. We look forward to hearing your responses.


Here we present the video Makom created for the Global Jewish Forum in Jerusalem.



Some time before declaring himself as a political candidate, writer and broadcaster Yair Lapid spoke to the Haredi track of Kiryat Ono College. We felt the speech was worth translating…

Sourcebook – Haredim and the Jewish Collective


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Israel’s Next Major Social Challenge – Haredi Internal “Aliyah”


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This article was commissioned by Makom for the second Global Jewish Forum, and is edited from in-depth consultation with experts in the field.


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The relationship between the State of Israel and its Haredi population is of concern to the entire Jewish world. From the economic and social instability of an exponentially growing community of non-productive citizens, to the unsavory headlines about extreme and violent behavior, it is clear that a policy of laissez-faire can no longer be tolerated.

Yet how might we characterise the problem facing us? Is this a fundamental issue threatening the Jewish and liberal identity of the State of Israel? Or is this an issue of failed public policy that needs to be re-thought? To Full Post

Planning the Global Jewish Forum on Haredim

March 15, 2012 by

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How can you find the deep conversation when there are so many burning facts flying around?

  • Fact: the Haredi population in Israel is doubling every decade.
  • Fact: Over 20% of school children in Israel are at Haredi institutions, which teach neither English nor Math, let alone Citizenship.
  • Fact: Over 60,000 young Haredi men are granted automatic exemption from army service every year, under 50% of all Haredi adults work, and those that do so work fewer hours than anyone else in the country.
  • Fact: Over 90 “Mehadrin” bus lines throughout the country require women to sit at the back of the bus.

When Makom was faced with the challenge of creating and running a 5-hour symposium on “Haredim and the Jewish Collective” for the Global Jewish Forum of the Jewish Agency, we wanted to avoid throwing oil on the already blazing fire.

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Global Jewish Forum Feb 2012 – Program


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Haredim and the Jewish Collective: Engaging with voices from the field

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Touch Away Project


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A Touch Away – the award-winning TV Series

A forbidden love story between secular Russian Israeli, Zorik, and his ultra-orthodox neighbor, Rochele. This beautifully acted, sensitively directed, and intelligently scripted Israeli TV series draws us inside two different aspects of Israel: the world of a Russian émigré family, and the world of a Bnei Brak haredi family. As the series develops, our stereotypes are filled out with nuance, our assumptions and expectations spin, as we wait with bated breath to see whether a crazy Romeo and Juliet-type love can conquer all!

What is the Touch Away Project?

This is an innovative project that develops a unique collaboration between independent home-based activity, and public communal events.

  1. The first seven episodes of the TV series Touch Away are distributed to 20 key connectors in the community, for them to see at home at their convenience.
  2. All are encouraged to view the episodes with friends, and to hand on the DVDs to others when they are finished.
  3. The series spreads virally throughout the community.
  4. The final cliff-hung episode #8 is screened at a public event in the congregation – all those who saw episode 1 thru 7 in private will be drawn to see the final episode together. To Full Post

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