Shuki Taylor, Yeshiva University, Israel

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To those reading this, thank you for caring.

Please show your care.

If you have family or friends in Israel, distant or close – call them. Don’t email, tweet, Facebook or Whatsapp them. Call them. Ask how they are. Tell them you are thinking about them.

Showing care feels like sharing burden – physical or emotional. If you can’t share the burden physically, you can still do it emotionally.

Call to show you care.

* * *

To those reading this, thank you for feeling a sense of duty.

Please go on duty.

In Israel, families are on reserve duty right now. Many soldiers are in the front lines. Many partners, parents and children are alone at home. They are all called to duty.

Go on duty – send a care package, attend a rally, pray.

Take duty upon yourselves.

* * *

To those reading this, thank you for hoping.

Please express your hope.

Pray – alone or together. Believe in the power of our faith, that as individuals and as people we can express words and feelings that somewhere, on a cosmic level, can “turn the decree”. Believe that your voice, your cry, your hope, matters.

Pray. Its what has kept us who we are for thousands of years, and will keep us who we are for thousands more.

* * *

To those reading this, thank you for listening.

Please listen.

Don’t write everything you think, and don’t post or publish everything you write. Posted and published words can elevate as they can destroy. Sometimes an opinion, an analysis or a critique can bring spirits – which must now be high – down. There will be a time for analysis. There will be a time to shout out your opinions.

But for now – please just listen.

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