What would a woman do? Makom video salon had an answer

March 12, 2017 by

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In the lightness of Purim, and in the echoes of International Women’s Day, we’ll just put this here…

This is a video salon we hosted back in 2013 between Rachel Azaria (now MK), and R. Marcelo Bronstein of Bnei Jeshurun community of Manhattan. The conversation was public, and seen live and after the event. A baby had also invaded the event, yet it received nothing like the coverage of Robert Kelly’s unfortunate and hilarious interview.

It was only a few days later an article appeared in Haaretz revealed the full story. Apparently Azaria’s hungry baby had threatened to disturb the interview. Without anyone seeing or realizing, for the rest of the intelligent and fascinating conversation, Rachel Azaria was breast-feeding her child just out of shot…

Far fewer hits, but a great story…

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