A Wider Bridge – Ima and Abbaz

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Erez is a complicated character — a gay Woody Allen without the charm. He is the biological father of Hillel, whom he brought into the world with Hillel’s mother Talia, a straight single woman who works in the army. Erez’ partner of six years – and second father to Hillel – is Sami, a mizrachi gay man far more at peace with his sexuality and his Jewish heritage than Erez. This light-hearted drama was a hit in the winter of 2012/13 on Channel 3, a popular Israeli cable station. In this 4th episode new-born Hillel is due to undergo his circumcision. Will Erez overcome his ambivalence towards such “primitive” rituals? Will Talia cope with her motherly instinct to protect her child from harm? Will Sami’s mother attend the ceremony? These questions and more…

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