Where I was the night Rabin was assassinated

October 19, 2010 by

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The context – I had just began my first year of BA in Political Science and Media at Bar Ilan university.

I was watching the demonstration on Channel 2 at my parents’ house in Hertzliya, and then a film started which was soon interrupted with the announcement that someone had done something to Rabin.

5 minutes later my street was filled with sirens and a few minutes later a rumor spread that one of my best friend’s neighbor was somehow involved.

This was the beginning of a few days that today seem like a hallucination: the announcement by Eitan Haber, realizing the rumors were correct and that it was Yigal Amir, going up to Jerusalem among the crowds waiting in line to be near the aron, watching the funeral on TV and hearing Noa his grand-daughter speak. Not going to studies for the next two weeks because Bar Ilan campus was literally on fire and then spending the next three years analyzing the murder, media coverage, political situation etc.

When I left the army (I served in the education corps) I thought that would be the last I would ever have to do with education – that’s why I went on to pursue a BA in Pol. Sci. and media. However, after the murder I realized that the identity-based conversation with young people may be interesting to me so I answered an ad that recruited facilitators for mifgashim – encounters. The rest is what is now my career.


Shelley Kedar is the Director of the International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies at Bet Hatfutsot.

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