Waltz with Bashir Film Guide

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Waltz with Bashir is an astonishing work of art that sets fire to the deep human questions emerging from contemporary Israel. In our desire to encourage the Jewish world to engage with Israel through support combined with critique – what we call ‘hugging and wrestling’ – we cannot recommend this movie highly enough. Go see it! And if you’ve already seen it, go see it again!

However beyond experiencing the film, we would like to encourage you to talk and continue to think about it…

To this end we have developed the Makom Film Guide for Waltz with Bashir.

We acknowledge the support and collaboration of the Foundation for Jewish Culture, and the Jewish Agency for Israel. We were particularly happy to work with the Foundation for Jewish Culture, whose Lynn and Jules Kroll Fund for Jewish Documentary Film had the remarkable foresight and taste to fund the making of Waltz with Bashir.

One-page Viewer’s introduction


Click here to download the printable pdf.

The complete Viewer’s Guide Packet

A handout for individuals, with FAQ, background materials, placemat for post-screening conversations, and extracts from the Kahan Commission that investigated the massacre.

To download the printable pdf, click here.

The Facilitator’s Guide

For leaders of post-screening discussion. This includes an introduction, a discussion guide with questions, and a guide in placemat form to print out and use in a bar or cafe for less formal conversations.

To download the printable pdf, click here

Supplemental materials for text study

These study sheets address the moral questions surrounding the idea of indirect responsibility. The first draws on traditional sources referred to by the Israeli Government Commission on Sabra and Shatila run by Chief Justice Kahan, and the second draws from more contemporary Israeli sources. The sheets are accompanied by a facilitator’s guide with some leading questions.

Click here to download the printable pdf.

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