The Video page for the Israeli Elections 2015

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Here is an ever-growing collection of videos that may be useful for you to understand or teach about Israel’s 2015 elections.

Here is our explanation for our 4HQ approach to the elections.

90 seconds of 90 days. This was the 90 second comedy prediction of journalist Amit Segal, 90 days before election day.

Here are two shoot and reply election broadcasts, one from the Zionist Union:

and the reply from their opponents:

If you are finding the whole concept of coalition compromises and negotiations a bit stomach-turning, you might want some guidance from Israeli philosopher Avishai Margalit as to the morality of compromise. This is our short video explanation of our understandings of his wisdom. You want more – read the book!

Yossi Klein Halevi gave an inspiring short talk a few months back, which, among other things, offers a penetrating guide to Israel’s paradoxical dichotomy between the Left and the Right.

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