The timeline countdown

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This section will can help you wrap your head around the scope and timeline of your production:

For A Closed Show*

Leave a few weeks before to research and reach out to the right act for your community event and to negotiate the performance fee with the artist/agent-

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Day of Show

On the day of the show, you may feel the need to deal with many micro- managing issues. Try to resist this urge as by now you should have a right hand wo/man dealing with all the small things. Your job is to make sure the technical production is ready by the time the act heads to the venue for their sound check.

Being able to delegate and foresee any major issues is paramount to ensuring a smoothevent. Making sure the show begins and ends on time is crucial to keeping your crowd and the act happy.

During the sound check, you should do a run-through with the band’s tour manager of the evening, and introduce all relevant members of your  team to both the venue personnel and performing artists. Before the soundcheck begins be sure to prepare the green room, and last but not least, brief the security and the box office on any pertinent information, especially logging last day ticket sales, and click through’s as it pertains to attendance.

You need to know exactly how many paying customers came through the door and to ensure that any guest lists or comp’d tickets were accounted for before the doors open.


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