The Tel Aviv shooting

August 5, 2009

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We do not yet know who opened fire on the young people at a Gay center in Tel Aviv. Though we can make an educated guess, no one really even knows what were the motives of the killer.

What is clear, is that the worldwide response from gays around the world can teach us something about a global community.

Spontaneous demonstrations throughout the world, the almost-immediate adoption of the rainbow image on facebooks, and the pouring in of shocked responses: A community is reeling from a trauma and is functioning as the best communities do.

When we search for our definitions of ‘Jewish Peoplehood’, and for understandings of what are ‘acts of Peoplehood’, we could do worse than learn from the communal galvanisation at this horrific incident.

At the same time we may also try to take heart at the genuine shock shown by many beyond the gay community. Israelis and people across the world have crossed all political, religious, and social lines to condemn the murders and empathize with the survivors. There are some core values we share beyond our differences.

May the memories of Nir Katz and Liz Trobishi be for a blessing.

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