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Finding Sponsors

In order to find a sponsor for your event you need to create a position as to why they should want to sponsor your event. In most cases, if done correctly, you are doing the sponsor the favor, not the other way around.

You should create a one sheet of facts about the event, use statistics including:

Sponsors can be both philanthropic and commercial – you need to know how to sell your production. Even if it’s for only 100 people, the more sponsorship you receive the less risk you will need to take on ticket sales. Ultimately if done properly you can sponsor almost the entire event before you even announce the show.

Getting In-Kind

In-kind support or “bartering” is a craft that many top tier promoters have mastered.

When you are looking to reduce your overall expenses and risk when putting on show for an Israeli act, there are many ways to save.

You can first look at your major expenses.

Typically ELAL or any other airline will not give you free flight tickets, however you can possibly make an agreement with a hotel manager to get several rooms for free or reduced price in exchange for placing their logo on the event flyer.

Also the cost of renting out a hall or venue can be pretty daunting, cutting deals with certain venues where they will take revenue share versus a fixed price- in many cases would be a better bet.

You need to approach In-Kind a bit different than Sponsorship. If you can’t get your community representative such as Birthright Next or the Federation to give outright sponsorship, the next best thing is to use their network and email lists/website to promote your event. Offer them a block of tickets at a reduced rate, or a VIP package/preferred seating for their support.

These are only a few ideas, you should be as creative as possible to get the most out of your production budget.

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  1. Great article, Thanks for the information. I particularly like the placing the hotels logo on the tickets as an incentive for discount!


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