Netanyahu freezes East Jerusalem construction

July 30, 2009

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However difficult it may seem, let us try for a second to step around the Israel-Palestine conflict and ask a question of the Jewish People.

Prime Minister Netanyahu formed a legitimate, democratically-elected government on a right-wing platform. Opposition leader Tzipi Livni maintains she did not bring her party Kadima into his government because of Netanyahu’s refusal to acknowledge the Palestinians’ right to a state. All of Netanyahu’s comments and gestures leading up to the election would back this up.

Following unprecedented pressure from the United States, Netanyahu has now publically accepted a two-state solution (albeit with conditions) and last night agreed to freeze construction in East Jerusalem. Two moves that almost completely contradict the platform on which he was elected.

By contrast, President Obama, elected with nearly 80% of the Jewish vote, is aggressively pursuing the two State solution and the settlement freeze as a first stage in its implementation. The fact that Obama was elected with overwhelming Jewish support, together with the emergence of left-leaning Israel lobby J-Street , would seem to have enabled President Obama to make such demands of Israel.

So. Jews in the USA are indirectly forcing the hand of Jews in Israel.

As one of our ‘elephants in the room’ asked some months ago: is this a success or a failure of Jewish power?

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