Mossad deals a blow to Aliyah?

May 9, 2010

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There is of course no proof that the Mossad did it.

But if the Israeli secret services were behind the execution of the Hamas leader in Dubai, they have much to answer for.

Of the passports used in the operation, seven of them were stolen from Jewish immigrants to Israel. These olim, these ‘top graduates’ of our Zionist aspirations, who chose to leave the comfort of Western countries to throw in their lot with the Jewish state, these turn out to be the victims of a particularly nasty form of identity theft. Not only are their names featured on international news sites, but they now worry about leaving the country for fear of Interpol arresting them for something they did not do and had no knowledge about.

The ironies are almost too sharp to consider. Could these Jews’ ultimate expression of how Israel is central to their identity, have culminated in Israel stealing their identity papers?

This raises a larger question of loyalty and commitment. If indeed the Mossad was responsible, should the Mossad have asked Israeli citizens’ permission to use their passports? Or should the choice to become a citizen of Israel be seen as an automatic waiver on individual rights for the good of the collective?

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