Michael Wegier, UJIA

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Here are things Jews abroad can do right now.

  1. Visit Israel (written at the airport on my way). Tourism is being damaged so go visit your friends and family and show true solidarity.
  2. Phone/Skype friends and family. Social media is well and good but a phone call is a better way of spending a few minutes with loved ones in Israel.
  3. Read uncomfortable texts. Not just the ones that make you nod. What do leftists think? And rightists? How about Israeli Arab citizens? And also Palestinian civilians.
  4. Send money. Many initiatives are working now to give kids in the south a treat or a break at camps in the north. Money is needed for this now.
  5. Engage in social media to raise the level of debate. Don’t stoop to low denominator. Make articulate, sensitive and constructive points.
  6. Write to your elected representatives. They do take notice.
  7. Arrange meetings with other Jews from different perspectives. Talk also to local Christian, Moslem and other faith groups. Also engage with other 3rd sector frameworks. Let them know that you have a point of view.
  8. Read deeply books that explain where we are in history. Ari Shavit, Anita Shapira, Benny Morris, Gershon Gorenberg and Sayed Kashua are all good places to start.

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