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Very buzzed to announce that we’ll be back in the homeland…

Makom has been invited to run a track at the We Believe in Israel conference that will take place in London on May 15th.

The full programme (note the correct spelling of the word!) can be found here  and our specfic track is below:

‘Desert Island Texts’ 

Two strangers – one Israeli, the other English – meeting over Israel and texts. Together they will explore their favourite texts about Israel and the Jewish People.

Esti Moskovitz-Kalman and Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, moderated by Yonatan Ariel


Jerusalem – A City of 70 Faces

How did Jews, Christians, and Muslims imagine Jerusalem as the ultimate gateway to heaven?

And how did the ways they saw Jerusalem also reflect the ways that they saw each other?

Scott Copeland


The 3 things we all agree on

Surprisingly enough, there are three values that sum up Israel, that we all agree on irrespective of politics!

Exploring “A Free People in Our Land” in the light of religious pluralism, refugees, and Haiti.

Robbie Gringras


A Jewish AND Democratic State

How does the “Jewish and the Democratic” fit together in a workable fashion?

Looking together at the theory and the practice of the Jewish State.

Rami Wernik


Ignoring the Other?

Did Zionism deliberately ignore the Arab presence in Palestine/Eretz Yisrael?

Herzl, Buber, Jabotinsky, and Ben Gurion will help us look at the formative trends within Zionism that continue to impact the present-day.

Scott Copeland


It’s about the Culture, dummy!

Israel may not yet be the safe haven of the Jewish People, and its light unto the nations is not always appreciated. But the vision of Israel as the home of Jewish cultural renaissance is being fulfilled in inspiring and creative ways.

Experiencing cool music, films, literature, and cultural trends.

Robbie Gringras


It’s the way you tell it

Israel ‘reporting’ was controversial even in the Bible…

A participatory study session around the “Spies episode”, when the question of truth and slander about the land of Israel is first raised.

Esti Moskovitz-Kalman


Critical Loyalty

What does it mean to be a patriot? Can patriotism ever leave room for critique? Perhaps it is time for a paradigm of Critical Loyalty to come to the fore.

A liberating experience for the critical supporter of Israel.

Yonatan Ariel


These are the names

Can Israel’s treatment of Ethiopian immigrants be dismissed as pure racism, or are there other agenda at play?

Film screening and discussion exploring Jewish identity and Zionism through a film about Ethiopians’ name-changes in Israel

Esti Moskovitz-Kalman


So is it “Apartheid” and was it “Disproportional”?

Exploring the challenging and powerful analysis of leading scholars Gideon Shimoni and others on Apartheid analogies, and Moshe Halbertal and Michael Walzer on Operation Cast Lead.

After watching two specially-made films on their contributions, we will ask: Do we buy it? Is it useful?

Yonatan Ariel


For Love of Country?

What are the moral connections between a People, a Place, and a State?

Looking at the big thinkers of the Western world, and the Jewish world, to find our own answers.

Rami Wernik


Next Year in Eilat?

What challenges arise when your dream comes true?

The Jews dreamed of the Land of Israel from afar for generations. It was only in modern times that the dream found real-life consummation.

Our conversation will visit a variety of voices – old and new – struggling with the place of Israel in the Jewish story.

Scott Copeland


That’s Why I’m (Still) Here

An engaging exploration of Englishness and Israeliness through personal stories, song, and photography.

Robbie Gringras and Adam Mader

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